Frozen/Busted Pipes

Frozen or Busted Pipes

In Michigan, we are currently gearing up for winter. With fall fast approaching, we know that chilly, wintry weather will not be far behind. Many of us Downriver are preparing our homes in anticipation of another brutally cold season that may include our archenemy, the Polar Vortex. Besides buying all the sweaters, long johns, and boots we can get our hands on, what should we do to protect our homes from freezing weather? If you’ve lived in this state for more than a few years, you are used to buckling down for frigid temperatures, ice, and snow. Michigan and cold weather go hand in hand. There are a few things you should do before winter hits to protect your property and help keep your family warm. Here’s a short list our experts at Downriver Plumbers compiled for you:

-Cover your windows with plastic, which can be purchased at your local hardware or home improvement store. This helps keep warm temperatures in and unwanted wind out.

-If any of your pipes are exposed to particularly windy or cold areas in your home, you can wrap them in special heat wrap material, also found at home improvement stores. By doing so, you will be protecting them from freezing or exploding. Also, you will be saving on energy costs, a win-win deal.

-Disconnect your garden hoses and turn off all water sources outside your home.

Some of you may not have been aware of some of these tips, and are now experiencing frozen or busted pipes in your commercial or residential building. If so, you should call Downriver Plumbers immediately. We will arrive at your MI property in about 30 minutes with our fully equipped Plumbing Center on Wheels. Our licensed plumbers have the latest high-tech plumbing diagnostics and repair tools on the market to help you with your problem, including a state-of-the-art electric thawing machine designed to unfreeze your pipes. For additional ideas on how to protect your home during the winter, visit

The process of thawing pipes is a painstakingly complex one that should not be attempted by the average person. It can be dangerous for someone to use tools around the house such as hair dryers to unfreeze pipes due to hazards such as potential electrocution. It is simply not worth the risk. The only solution to pursue is to call Downriver Plumbers so we can get to work fast and have your plumbing back to normal again. We know how inconvenient it can be to have your pipes freeze or bust. Once they do, your water line completely shuts down and you and your family won’t be able to use the faucet, bathroom, or laundry facilities. Basically, your water is literally frozen until our plumbing experts work their magic and warm your piping system. If the problem is a case of busted pipes, we have brand new replacement piping on hand to perform immediate repairs to your Downriver residence or business.

Once the winter weather hits, it only takes an outside temperature of about 20 degrees or less for your pipes to freeze up or explode. It can be a race against time to prepare your property for what lies ahead, so remember, if you weren’t able to prevent frozen or busted or pipes, all is not lost. The licensed, insured specialists at Downriver Plumbers have more than 20 years of experience taking care of freezing pipe issues successfully. We guarantee we will fix your plumbing problems faster and more efficiently than another other company Downriver. If you’re facing a plumbing emergency, call us at 734-548-9925 for fast, friendly service.

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