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After a heavy rainfall, it is a good idea to check your basement for standing water.  If you live on a flood plain or your basement has a history of flooding due to a faulty plumbing system, it is important to find out as soon as possible so you can take the appropriate action.  If there is a large amount of water there – more than a few inches, it would be futile to try to remove it with an ordinary shop vac.  You would spend hours wading in deep waters in your basement with little results due to the sheer volume of water.  If this has happened and you live in Downriver Michigan, your next move should be to call Downriver Plumbers.  Our plumbers are licensed, insured, and highly experienced at handling flooded basements.  We are very familiar with basement plumbing, and know what to look for in order to eliminate the problem quickly.

Safety first

 You might think you and your family members can safely go down in your basement and take care of your water issue on your own, but doing so is not the smart and safe option.  There are a number of hazards in a flooded basement that could threaten your safety, including:

Electrical hazards – even if you have shut off the main power source to your home, there is still a possibility that live wires or outlets could be lingering.  If anyone comes into contact with water that is electrically charged, the outcome could mean serious injury or even death.

Mold growth – as soon as water starts to build and becomes stagnant, mold and other bacterial organisms can start to grow.  All kinds of harmful microbes and germs thrive in wet, damp environments, so anyone that touches them is potentially in danger.  If a backed up sewer problem has occurred, the water in your basement may contain raw sewage and fecal matter that is downright toxic to your and you family.

The bottom line?  There is no logical reason you, your loved ones, or a friend should take a big risk by wading through your basement water.  The best thing to do is contact Downriver Plumbers, the #1 Basement Flooding Experts in Michigan.  We have all the necessary equipment and expertise needed to eliminate every drop of water in your basement, removing any and all dangerous microorganisms in the process.  Not only that, we will check your entire basement plumbing system to effectively diagnose any issues and perform any needed repairs.

Call immediately 

As soon as you realize you have water in your basement, you should act quickly and call Downriver Plumbers.  We won’t leave you holding on the phone for hours or waiting for days for an appointment.  We know the importance of assessing the problem immediately, so repairs can be made and hazardous water can be eradicated from your home.  Your health and belongings are too valuable to take chances by calling an amateur plumber.  In cases like these, you need expert assistance if you want the job done correctly.  If you want fast, friendly, and fair service in your Downriver, MI home, call 734-548-9925 today to schedule your free estimate.  To learn about all of our residential and commercial plumbing services, visit our website at

https://plumbersdownriver.com.  Your 100% satisfaction is always guaranteed at Downriver Plumbers.

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