Sewer backup in Taylor MI

Sewer backup in Taylor MI



If you have a sewer backup at your home or business in Taylor, Michigan, you need help fast. You don’t have time to wait for hours or days for a large corporate plumbing company to call you back, let alone come to your property to fix the problem. There is a plumbing contractor that specializes in plumbing emergencies, and that is Downriver Plumbers. For more than 20 years, the licensed, insured and certified plumbing professionals have been delivering exceptional service to customers in the Downriver, MI area. Whether you own a house or business, it makes no difference. A plumbing emergency can spell disaster if it’s not handled immediately and by experts.  We are a full-service, licensed plumbing company that will take care of your plumbing problems fast – and affordably. Besides handling sewer backups, we also specialize in:


  • Excavation services
  • Broken sewers
  • Repairing broken clean outs
  • Repairing broken house traps
  • Repairing broken water heaters
  • Installing residential and commercial hot water heaters
  • Repairing slab leaks
  • Sump pump repairs
  • Broken supply line repairs
  • Busted or frozen pipes
  • Drain backup repairs


We are your friendly, one stop shop for plumbing services in Taylor, Michigan.  If you have been impacted by a flood or other plumbing catastrophe, your homeowner’s insurance may cover the damage. If so, our administrative staff will help you fill out paperwork so your claim can be processed quickly and you can receive a reimbursement check.  Our experts have all the latest industry certified equipment needed to safely handle a sewer backup at your Taylor, Michigan residential or commercial property. Although it may be tempting to do the job yourself, it can be a very hazardous thing to do. You don’t have access to the safety gear, uniforms, and equipment you need to rely on professionals like ours at Downriver Plumbers. No other plumbing contractor in Taylor, MI provides the exceptional services and specialists we do. We also offer:


  • Same day service
  • Weekends and overtime – no extra charge
  • Your neighborhood plumbing contractor
  • Free plumbing estimates and inspections
  • Warrantee on all materials and labor


If you have a sewer backup, you don’t have time to wait, you need expert help fast! Call Downriver Plumbers at 734-548-9925 to set up your free plumbing inspection. Find out why we are the #1 rated plumbing company Downriver. Check out our website, too, at, and like us on Twitter and Facebook.



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