Sewer and drain cleaning Downriver MI

Sewer and drain cleaning Downriver MI

A clogged sewer and/or drain at your residence can cause a serious backup, resulting
in possible water damage and a tremendous expense. Downriver Plumbers are the
professionals in your neighborhood who specialize in eliminating sewage and other
debris stuck in your sewer and drains. It’s important to schedule an annual interior and
exterior plumbing inspection to determine if you have a problem or not. We have been
in business for more than 20 years, and come highly recommended by our customers as
well as the Better Business Bureau. We cover all areas of Downriver, including Trenton,
Riverview, Allen Park, Wyandotte, Brownstown, Grosse Ile, and many more cities. We are
conveniently located near your hometown, so you won’t have to wait a long time to
set up an appointment and free estimate.

We always offer high-quality, fast and friendly service. All you need to do is call us at
734-548-9925 and one of our friendly plumbing professionals will answer all your
questions. If you’re facing a plumbing or backed up sewer emergency, we have all the
resources needed to tackle the issue.

We handle flooded basements and more

Whether you need sewer and drain cleaning in Downriver MI, or are dealing with water
damage in your home, we can help. We also take care of mold damage, and have
specialized equipment that can eradicate mold, clean the area and sanitize anything
affected by water, sewage, or mold. Mold can cause serious health issues for you and
your family members, that is why it’s so important to call a credible plumbing company
like Downriver Plumbers to check out the situation. If mold is discovered on your
property, we can take care of it immediately. We also handle insurance claims, so you
won’t have to be bothered with red tape and complicated paperwork. We process
your documentation and claims so you can receive a check based on your
homeowner’s insurance claim and policy, if eligible. We want to make sure you receive
the maximum reimbursement you are owed.

We also take care of failing and damaged sump pumps and broken water heaters. If
frozen pipes are a problem, we can address that as well. Frozen pipes can burst,
causing serious water damage at your residence.

Restoration and cleanup

If water and sewer damage is present, we not only eliminate the problem, we also
tackle restoration and cleanup. We thoroughly sanitize all impacted areas, leaving
every area clean, dry and smelling fresh. When we are finished, you or your guests
won’t even know you had an issue. For plumbing emergencies, we offer 24/7
emergency responses no matter if it’s a weeknight, holiday or weekend. We are always
on call for your plumbing problems.

Finances are never an issue for Downriver Plumbers. We offer zero down home
improvement and renovation programs, fast credit approvals, and easy loan
applications. No matter what your budget or plumbing issue is, rest assured we have an
affordable plan so you can get all your plumbing problems resolved. Most of ourbusiness is generated through word—of—mouth, referrals, and repeat customers. We
take pride in knowing we are the #1 sewer and draining experts in Downriver Michigan.
We are always licensed, insured and certified to handle any plumbing emergency or
repair you have. Unless you have the high-tech equipment we do, you won’t be able
to accomplish a proper sewer and drain cleaning in your Downriver home. We possess
special sewer cleaning and drying machines that are extremely high-powered. Unless
you have access to these specialized systems, you won’t be able to take care of the
problem thoroughly. Your satisfaction is important to us, and that is why we welcome
you to check out our Facebook page and read our customer reviews. Once we’ve
completed a project at your property, we invite you to leave us a Facebook review. We
take pride in knowing how our customers feel about our workmanship, materials and
performance. Experts recommend you set up an end-to-end plumbing inspection at
your home at least annually. We can check for black mold, bacteria, and other
hazardous substances when we are at your home. We will make sure all of your drains
and sewers are clog-free, and if they are backed up, we can rid you of the problem
immediately. Please visit our website at today to find out more about:

➢ Sewer and drain cleaning
➢ Frozen pipe repairs
➢ Water damage restoration
➢ And much more

We are the solution to all of your plumbing problems.

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