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Discovering you’ve got a clogged drain or backed-up sewer in your Downriver home can be a serious hassle.  You need to find a licensed, reliable plumbing contractor that will respond to your call immediately, not some big company that doesn’t have time to give you the attention you deserve.

The experts at Downriver Plumbers have been in business since 1982, fixing drains, sewer lines and toilets one service call at a time. There isn’t a situation we can’t handle. Whether the problem is small, or is enormous, we’ve got what it takes to fix it safely and get it right the first time. What are some common plumbing and drain issues we take care of? Here’s a short list:clogged

Clogged or Slow Drains — when many homeowners detect clogged or slow drains, they are tempted to use one of those popular drain cleaners, but this is a bad idea. Sometimes the chemicals in these cleaners can ruin your drains permanently, causing you to have to replace them at a high cost. We urge you to call us as soon as you suspect there’s a problem – we have more than 30 years of cleaning drains, and we won’t damage your pipes – guaranteed.

Backed up Sewer — if you observe water backing up from any drain in your home or toilet, or hear gurgling or “glugging” sounds, that is your plumbing system talking to you. And it’s telling you to call our certified plumbers at once so we can do a complete sewer line inspection. We specialize in clearing our backed up sewers – in fact, we’ve successfully taken care of thousands of them in your neighborhood.

Sump Pump Failure — if your sump pump quits working, you’re at risk for a flooded basement. An unusually heavy rainfall in Downriver MI can lead to your pump overworking and potentially going out. If this happens, our certified plumbing technicians have the right equipment and knowledge to help you right away.

Leaky Pipes — you may notice dripping water collecting around pipes in your kitchen, bathroom or basement. It might just be water condensation, however, it also could be an indication of a much larger problem. Our eagle-eyed plumbers have expertise in all types of leaks, pipes, and plumbing systems, so we can assure you your leaking pipes will be eliminated once we’re given the task.

Immediate Service

As you can read from our customer reviews, our highly trained, reputable plumbing staff always provides speedy and friendly service, seven days a week, 365 days per year, including evenings, weekends and holidays. You won’t have to sit on hold or wait until Monday to receive a call back. Our top-ranked plumbers are standing by to answer your call.

We know the clock is ticking when it comes to plumbing and drain situations. You don’t want to attempt to fix something yourself if you don’t have the adequate education and tools to do the job. Some things are just better left to the experts, and that’s that.

Your business is important to Downriver Plumbers. We are proud to be Downriver’s #1 local plumbing contractor. Don’t hesitate to call, even if it’s something you think can be handled by shutting the water off or tightening up a pipe. We urge you not to take the risk of something like that, and trust our plumbing professionals.

Don’t ignore leaks, drips or backups

Please don’t panic if you’re experiencing any of the problems listed above, because we are here to ease your mind. At the same time, if you do notice something out of the ordinary going on with your plumbing, give us a ring at 734-548-9925. We guarantee one of our knowledgeable, personable plumbing authorities will give you peace of mind. We’ll set you up with a free, no-stress plumbing and sewer inspection and provide you with realistic and affordable options for your home in Downriver Michigan. We’re proud to be known as the best plumbing company in your neighborhood – that’s 18 cities – filled with valuable homeowners just like you. All of our workmanship comes with a warrantee, so there’s no need to worry about dozens of service calls for the same problem. You can trust Downriver Plumbers!

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