Pipe leak repair Downriver MI

Pipe leak repair Downriver MI

If you’ve ever experienced a plumbing problem in your home, you know the
importance of having the number of a reliable plumbing contractor handy. If a leak
bursts or is dripping, the clock is ticking as to how much water you’ll lose and how badly
your property is damaged. You need to call an experienced plumbing contractor that
has the knowledge and expertise needed to do the job right.
Downriver Plumbers has been in business over 20 years and are experts at repairing
leaky pipes. If one of your pipes is broken or deteriorating, it can cause serious damage,
costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Their reputable company is rated #1 in
the Downriver area for customer service, professionalism, and performance. Experts
agree that attempting pipe repairs on your own is a bad idea. You need someone who
is licensed, insured and experienced at inspecting and repairing leak pipes.

Call them 24/7

Unlike other big box plumbing contractors, Downriver Plumbers makes your plumbing
problems their top priority. When you call them, you’ll be greeted by friendly customer
service professionals ready to tackle your plumbing issue right away. Their company has
plumbing experts ready to go 24/7, every day of the week, including weekends,
evenings and holidays. Plumbing leaks can’t wait for regular business hours – you need
a plumbing contractor that is responsive to emergencies so you can get your problem
fixed fast.

The team at Downriver Plumbers is comprised of all Master Plumbers meaning they’re
licensed and certified with years of experience. You can get an appointment
immediately for a plumbing inspection, and they’ll have the proper equipment on their
trucks to fix your issue. They handle everything from initial inspection and free estimate
to plumbing maintenance and repairs, to pulling city permits, scheduling inspections
and cleanup.

Flooded basements are their specialty

Downriver Plumbers has built a partnership with Downriver Restoration, a top-ranked
restoration company that specializes in mold assessments, cleanup, sanitizing and
deodorizing. So if your basement has flooded due to a pipe leak you won’t have to
worry about water damage. A flooded basement can breed mold and other
hazardous substances, making it unhealthy and unsafe for you and your family.
Downriver Plumbers guarantees your 100% satisfaction once your leaks are repaired
and your basement is fully cleaned and sanitized. All standing water will be removed
and completely dried.

Water heaters and more

If your water heater isn’t generating much hot water or is rusted, Downriver Plumbers will
replace it with a name brand water heater, one that will last for many years and is
guaranteed to work efficiently. If you’re looking for the best pipe leak repair Downriver
then call 734-548-9925 to set up your free consultation and estimate. Their company is
the #1 choice for your Downriver MI neighbors for all plumbing issues. Their team will
help you with insurance claims, financing, and credit applications so you can get the
help you need fast. Visit their website at https://plumbersdownriver.com/ for more

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