Flood emergency Downriver Michigan

Flood emergency Downriver Michigan

If you have older pipes in your home that are corroded or rusted, you’re dealing with a ticking time bomb, because eventually one of them will burst, and you’ll be dealing with a flooded basement. If that happens, you need to call a trusted, reliable plumbing contractor that can handle the problem fast. Downriver Plumbers has the experience and expertise to take care of even the worst of flooding emergencies. Our experts will respond to your call fast and won’t put you off like some of the bigger corporate plumbing companies. Our licensed and insured plumbing professionals will arrive within an hour to assess your situation. If you need a new sump pump or hot water heater, we can install those quickly, pulling any necessary permits and taking care of cleanup afterwards. Attempting amateur, DIY plumbing repairs aren’t recommended, especially in cases of flooding. Floods are extremely hazardous, leaving you vulnerable to electrocution and mold damage, among other things.

Water removal? No problem

Standing water can cause a lot of damage in your home. If a pipe bursts in your kitchen, you could be dealing with rotting wood in your cabinets and damaged flooring. Downriver Plumbers has all the tools needed to fix a broken pipe or do an entire pipe replacement if needed. We also partner with a company that specializes in restoration and cleanup following a flood. They have high-tech water extraction machines that can remove all moisture and water damage from any area in your home. Mold detectors are used and if any mold is present, it will be completely cleaned and eradicated. If left unchecked, mold can spread and grow, leaving harmful bacterial organisms in your home that can adversely affect those with breathing issues, allergies, or lung problems. Our restoration partners will safely remove all standing water and completely dry all areas, so they will be 100% sanitized. They also get rid of any odors present, so your rooms will be left smelling fresh and clean. If your carpet or upholstery needs cleaning, they can handle that, too, so you won’t have to throw it away. Our restoration partners are lifesavers – they take care of flooding damage quickly and save your most prized possessions. They are accredited by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification – or IICRC. This means they’ve been certified and endorsed by the leading cleaning and restoration organization in the industry, and you can’t get a better endorsement than that. The entire process takes just a few hours, so your home will be back to normal in no time. You won’t have to look at a flooded basement or kitchen for days on end, worrying about mold buildup and growth.

How old is your sewer?

If your water damage is caused by a sewer backup, you may need a sewer repair. If it’s old and deteriorating, you may need a new sewer. Downriver Plumbers has more than 20 years of experience handling backed up sewers. If we can’t repair your sewer, we’ll give you a free estimate on a replacement sewer. We have fair and affordable prices and can install your new sewer quickly. One your new sewer is installed you’ll have peace of mind knowing you won’t have to worry about floods due to a sewer backup. If your current sewer is more than 15 years old, call Downriver Plumbers today for a free sewer inspection. We have special, ultra-tech cameras that can inspect every area of your sewer and pipes. It’s important to have your sewers inspected annually to make sure it’s working properly. If not, it could cost you thousands in flood damage, so it’s wise to do preventative maintenance.

Flooding causes panic and worry

Any homeowner facing a sewer clog or busted pipe is worried about flooding and water damage. But if you have Downriver Plumbers on speed dial, there’s no need to panic, because we are ready and waiting to take your emergency call, 24/7, 365 days a year. Our plumbing emergency specialists are always on call when you need us. If you’re dealing with a flooded basement or frozen pipe, we can come out immediately to assess the situation. We specialize in emergency plumbing services, and are endorsed by the Better Business Bureau. We’re also on Angie’s list, recommended by your friends and neighbors as a trusted and credible plumbing company. We’re proud to be the best in the Downriver area, so if you live in any of the 21 Downriver cities, you’re in luck and we can take care of your flooding emergency.

Our administrative staff if familiar with insurance claims paperwork, so if you’re eligible for a claim we’ll assist in any way we can with filling out paperwork to you can get your reimbursement check faster. When you call us, you’re calling a top-rated plumbing contractor that can handle any flood emergency in Downriver Michigan. We won’t put you off – you will be our first priority. We pledge to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with our services. Our friendly plumbing experts are always available to answer your questions about sewer overflows, sump pumps, corroded pipes, or other plumbing issues. They have the answers you need and are here to help.

All our plumbing services are guaranteed

Everything we do at Downriver Plumbers is backed up by fully warrantees and guarantees. Our labor and materials are guaranteed to last for the full warrantee period. The warrantee time frame will be clearly listed on your contract agreement, so you’ll know upfront what the details are. We only deal with top vendors and suppliers, so your new plumbing pipes, sump pump, sewer, and hot water heater are guaranteed to be the best you can find. It’s nice to know a plumbing contractor you can trust, rather than an amateur who promises you the moon and then takes off with your deposit check. Feel free to check out our website and Facebook page for more information.

We have plenty of satisfied customers so if you’d like a reference, we’d be glad to give you one. Our customers say were the friendliest, fastest, and most professional plumbing company in Downriver MI. Our customers are like family to us, so once you call us for any reason, you’ll be added to the Downriver Plumbers family, and we promise to take care of any plumbing problem you have, day or night. It all starts with a phone call. If you need a sewer or hot water tank inspection, or suspect your sump pump is failing, call us at 734-548-9925 to speak to a friendly plumbing advisor. We’ll come to your home right away to handle your questions and fix your plumbing issues. Nobody wants to deal with a flood emergency, but if one arises, it’s nice to know there’s an experienced plumbing contractor nearby that’s the #1 choice in your neighborhood. Estimates and quotations are free, and we have:

  • Fast and easy credit approvals
  • Financing programs and affordable down payments
  • Great deals and specials, as well as discounts

Give us a call today to set up your inspection. And if you have water in your basement or a broken pipe, we’re here to respond to your call. We look forward to helping you.

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