Common signs you need to replace your sump pump Downriver MI

Common signs you need to replace your sump pump Downriver MI

When your basement floods, if your sump pump is working properly, you’ll be protected. However, if your sump pump fails, you’ll end up with even more flooding, leading to costly repairs. A broken sump pump can cause you a handful of issues, so if it fails you need to address it immediately. An initial sign that there’s a problem can be a noisy sump pump. Pay attention to unusual sounds coming from your sump pump and call a licensed plumbing contractor rather than try to repair it yourself.

What causes a sump pump to fail?

 There are many reasons a sump pump may stop working. If its power source fails, it will not perform properly, or not work at all. There are hundreds of different models, makes and brands of sump pumps, and not all are made the same. Some are poorly designed with inferior materials. Others are installed incorrectly, leading them to perform inadequately.

Are there main reasons a sump pump fails?

 There are six common signs indicating your sump pump is failing:


  1. Sump pump running too much: If your sump pump is continuously running no matter what the weather’s like, it’s a sign there is a problem. If your sump pump runs 24/7 its motor will burn out. This type of problem needs to be handled immediately by a licensed, insured plumber. Here are some typical reasons your sump pump is on overdrive:


  • Check valve is broken or missing: The check valve in the discharge line plays a critical role in keeping water from coming back into the pit. If the check valve is broken or missing, up to two-thirds of water could flow back to the pit, resulting in an overworked pump.


  • Float switch in sump pump is stuck: In cheaply designed sump pump models, the float switch can become clogged with debris or dirty, causing the sump switch to become disabled.


  • Continuously flooded sump pump pit: In some cases, an underground spring or high-water table can cause a continuous flow of water into the sump pit. Sometimes raising the water table can help. In other situations, you may need to call a licensed plumbing contractor such as Downriver Plumbers to upgrade the system or install an extra sump pump in the basement. You should call a reputable plumbing contractor to come out and perform an inspection and assess how to deal with the draining problem.

  • Sump is too big or sump pit too small: If a sump pump is not big enough to handle the job it may run constantly. Other times, the sump pump may be large enough, but the sump pit may not be large enough, causing it to overfill and triggering the sump pump to run too much. Industry professionals refer to this as a short-cycle sump pump.


  1. Sump pump has lost power: If the power is knocked out in your home, your sump pump will stop working. A storm, downed power line, or tripped circuit breaker can leave your basement vulnerable to flooding. Once your sump pump has lost power, it will fail to function. Did you know you can get purchase a battery-operated, high-capacity backup sump pump? These are called redundant sump pumps, and they come with batteries and an alarm that will cause it to start working in case your other pump quits due to lost power. Power outages can happen any time, especially in Michigan, where the weather is unpredictable. Consider a backup sump pump like this, because you don’t want yours to fail when you need it most.


  1. No water in sump pit: You may think your sump pump is working, but if there is no water in the sump pit it’s a definite sign that your pump was installed incorrectly, or it is not connected to a draining system. Your basement’s drainage system should collect water, divert it to the sump pump, and discharge into the sump pit. If your drainage system is faulty, you need to have an experienced plumbing company inspect and repair your drainage system. If water is not being diverted correctly, your basement won’t stay dry. If you don’t have a functioning drainage system and have a broken sump pump, a plumbing contractor can install a new drainage system that works efficiently.


  1. Clogged pump and switches: Does your sump have a lid or cover? If not, it can become clogged with debris and dirt. An open sump pump is vulnerable, and its mechanical parts can become dirty and clogged over a period of time. The float switch can also become jammed or clogged, so the pump won’t turn on and off when water levels change. Stuck pump switches can cause your sump pump to quit, and if yours is clogged you may need to repair your sump pump in Downriver Michigan.


  1. Blocked or frozen discharge lines: Sump pumps get rid of excess water collected through discharge lines. When discharge lines become blocked or frozen, the sump pump system will fail. Your discharge lines should always be clear and covered. A licensed plumber can recommend and install a device at the beginning of the line to keep water from flowing even if the line is frozen. They can also advise you on the best ways to keep debris from getting into the lines and causing blockage or clogs. The bottom line? You should always keep your discharge lines covered and clear so they can divert water out of your basement and away from your foundation, even in the coldest winter months.


  1. Overworked sump pump: If your sump pump can’t handle even the smallest of basement floods, it may not be powerful enough or reliable enough to handle a large volume of rainfall. In order to keep your basement clear and dry, you need a sump pump that is high-quality and large enough to handle flooding events. If you’ve purchased a lower-quality, cheaper, plastic model it will likely burn out and become overwhelmed. You need a high-powered sump pump built by a recognized manufacturer and installed by the #1 sump pump installer in your area, Downriver Plumbers. Downriver Plumbers are in Downriver Michigan, from Southgate to Trenton, from Grosse Ile to Woodhaven, we’ve got you covered.

In addition to making sure you have a high-powered, high-capacity sump pump installed, it’s smart to upgrade your system and add a battery-powered backup sump pump. Sometimes, you may need to install an extra sump in another corner of your basement in order to handle flooding if your basement is prone to water damage.

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If any of the six signs mentioned here are occurring in your home, you should take immediate action. By calling the best plumbing contractor in Downriver MI, you’ll be ensuring you have the most reliable, rigorously tested and highest quality sump pump system available. Downriver Plumbers will conduct a complete interior and exterior inspection of your property and provide you with the best course of action to keep your basement dry and water-free. Call them today at 734-548-9925 to speak to a friendly sump pump expert. To learn more about their services visit and “Like” Downriver Plumbers on Facebook to join the conversation.

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